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Woofers Coronavirus Update

Keeping you and your pets safe

Stage 3 Social Restrictions – Friday 3/4/20

Stage 2 Social Restrictions – Wednesday 25/3/20

Stage 1 Social Restrictions – Monday 23/3/20

Business as un-usual during stage 3.

Firstly we all want to say a massive thank you to all our wonderful clients and your support.
We have had so many kind words and incredible responses to our shared support initiatives.

  • Pet It Forward
  • Free dog daycare for frontline workers
  • Free pet-taxi for At-Risk pet owners

On behalf of the entire Woofers team, thank you to those people who have been able to keep their ongoing bookings. Every little bit helps.
We’re committed to the safety and ongoing employment of the team.

At this stage, there is no need to cancel your dog walking, grooming or dog training bookings. We will notify you if, or when services will need to be suspended.

The current situation is rapidly changing, and if you would like to be updated by email with the latest information relating to the pandemic and your pets, please use the contact form at the bottom of this page to register your interest.

For health and safety purposes, our shop and grooming salon has altered operations. Only two customers allowed in-store at any one time. A touch-free hand basin is installed at the front door, and we Kindly ask all people attending to wash their hands upon entry.

If you have a grooming appointment, you may have noticed we’re now staggering the drop off times to avoid multiple customers instore at one time.

Dog training

Dog training curriculums have changed format. All group classes are now scheduled as private training sessions. Call 1300 269 969 for details.



FAQs.  Coronavirus and pets.

  1. We have a confirmed case of COVID-19 in our house. What do we need to do with our pets?

USA Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recommends that “restrict contact with pets and other animals while you are sick, just like you would around other people. If possible, have other members of your household care for your animals.”

“Avoid contact with your pet, including petting, snuggling, being kissed or licked and sharing food. If unavoidable to care for your pets while you are sick, wash your hands before and after you, interact with your pet and wear a face mask”.

  1. We have a confirmed case of COVID-19 and are unable to care for our household pet? Can Woofers help?

Indeed, we’ll do everything in our power to help, and this may involve helping to find a minder that can care for your pet at their house.

  1. We aren’t sick, but we’re self-isolating.

Woofers can still visit your pets however we kindly request “no-contact” pick up or drop off. No contact may involve you leaving your pet in the yard for pick up or drop off—Call 1300 269 969 to update access details.

  1. Someone in our house has flu-like symptoms, and pet care is essential to us. Can Woofers help?

If you have any flu-like symptoms, please call us on 1300 269 699, and we will help if we can. Often your doctor can confirm if you have COVID-19 or influenza. If it’s just influenza, then we can still attend.

  1. I’m still required to work and need help with my pets.

We will be there for you and your pets. Please call us on 1300 269 969, and although our office team may be working remotely, we’ll still be able to book your pets for anything essential.

  1. Can I take my dog to the park?

Yes, you can walk your dog around the streets and in the park. Best practices means keep at least 1.5meters from other people and wash your hands regularly.

  1. What measure are Woofers World taking to prevent the spread of the human coronavirus?

The health and safety of our staff, our clients and all pets is our number one priority. Following advice from the WHO, the Department of Health and WorkSafe, we’ve implemented what is commonly referred to as “best practices”.  Furthermore;

  • A number of the team have already taken the government’s COVID Infection Control Course, and the rest of the team are scheduled to complete their training this week.
  • This weekend, an additional hand wash facility was installed just inside the front door of Woofers HQ, and all guests and staff are requested to wash their hands upon arrival.
  • The office has an hourly cleaning/disinfecting schedule.
  • All vans have water tanks and hand wash facilities.
  • Any team member with flu-like symptoms are suspended from duties and follow advice from their GP
  1. What’s Woofers cancellation policy?

Woofers standard cancellation policy applies. See our website for details. Most services are no fee for more than one business day notification, or full fee applies for last-minute cancellations.

  1. What if my pet has been around someone that is infected?

There is no evidence that pets can be affected nor transmit the COVID-19 virus. The solution to this pandemic is a shared responsibility, so maintain best practices, washing hands regularly and prevent licking and body fluid transmissions.

  1. Should  I vaccinate my dog against Canine Coronavirus?

There is no evidence that vaccinating your dog with a commercially available Canine CoronaVirus vaccine will provide any protection for the human COVID-19.

  1. Can my pet spread the virus?

There is no evidence that pets can directly transfer the COVID-19 virus. However, you should treat them as any other surface that may have the virus; wash hands thoroughly after touching or petting, avoid face licking, and close face to face contact with your pet.

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