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When you entrust your pet with the Woofers team, you can rest assured that they’re in gentle, caring hands of professional pet carers. As an independently owned and family run business, we only hire full-time, certified and trained professionals.

Prior to employment, potential team members are required to have police and reference checks and are democratically chosen by the exisiting team. This ensures a harmonious workplace that improves the standard of care and creates a safe environment that animals respond well to.

Because we are more like family than coworkers, we are able to work closely together to continually improve the quality of our services and the overall level of professionalism, education and accountability.

These dedicated professionals bring a level of expertise, commitment and passion to their role that that can’t be found in a franchise or sub-contractor arrangement.

Our philosophy of “the greater the staff, the greater the service” has served our clients and their pets well over the last 10+ years.

If you have any questions or need more information, please send us a message through our contact page or call Woofers HQ directly on 1300 269 969.

Your HQ & Support Team


General Manager

As a young child, Jonathan helped many of his neighbours care for their pets. Now, he’s one of Melbourne’s greatest advocates for improving pets’ well being. Jonathan is the founder of Woofers World and spends his days between dog training, dog walking, office work, and steering the business down a happy, sustainable path.

After leaving university, where he studied Applied Science, Jonathan had a successful career as a Seafarer. In 2005, led by a little blind ambition, his dream of making a career of working with animals came true. Since then his multitude of studies in canine behaviour, dog training and adult education – including extensive experience helping dog owners with their animals – has made for many a happy pet parent and even more happy pets. And it doesn’t stop there; he’s always looking at how to improve our world with pets.


Accounts Manager

Danielle is an all-rounder with Woofers, but mostly you’ll find her looking after accounts and business-ey stuff, on reception, and running our social media. As a sister to Jonathan, she is involved with Woofers since its inception but officially joined the team in 2012.

After helping out during a growth phase, she decided she loved hanging out with the pooches more than her life in commercial property and fund management. So much so that she stuck around and brought a wealth of commercial experience with her.

Danielle has had many roles within Woofers, including full-time Animal Handler, so she loves it when one of the Handlers is off-duty, and she gets to get out of the office and play with the dogs. While she doesn’t have any pets of her own, there are not many days she doesn’t have a four-legged friend staying with her as she is one of our most sought after Sleepover minders.


Animal Placements Coordinator

At the end of high school, Rachel had a choice between a career in childcare or a career in pet care. Well, Rachel chose to work with pets and ended up with Honours in Animal Science and Management from Melbourne University. She then refined her devotion for pets and completed a course in dog training and behaviour.

Rachel became part of the Woofers family in 2010 when she began working as an Animal Handler. She transitioned into Dog Trainer, then Operations Manager and now leads a team of dog minders as the Sleepover Coordinator where she gets to use her exceptional organisational skills and continues to make pets happy.

Rachel and her husband Adam have a lovely Border Collie cross called Bamboo, who often helps greet customers at Woofers HQ – when she’s not asleep under Rachels desk.


Salon and Administrative Coordinator

Jaymi is the team’s administrative guru, and she’s an excellent support for the Handlers and Groomers. As Administrative Coordinator, Receptionist, Office Manager, Social Coordinator, Purveyor, Retail Manager and often responsible for the jokes on the shop sandwichboard she’s likely the first person that people speak with when calling or visiting Woofers HQ.

After studying a Diploma in Live Audio Engineering, Jaymi had a range of customer service roles that have helped her thrive in the busy Woofers World office. She trained under Crown for customer service and said she feels at her best when she’s busy. Maybe that’s part of why she has a great rapport with the dogs and an uncanny ability to make everyone smile at Woofers – because there’s never a dull moment!

Jaymi grew up in Melbourne’s bayside suburbs and now lives with her partner Cam in Patterson Lakes. They are proud parents of two domestic rats called Boss and Smed, and an adorable but naughty Dingo cross called Eddie. When not brightening up the day at Woofers, she loves watching local bands, building guitars from scratch, renovating their house, and of course, hanging with Eddie… and Cam.


Administration Assistant
Your Dog Trainers & Animal Handlers


Head Trainer

Jess is the strength behind Woofers’ dog training team. As Head Trainer she’s always reading and studying to stay abreast of the latest in training disciplines and techniques. Originally, Jess joined the Woofers Team in 2012 when she worked for years as a full-time handler but now spends most of her days teaching classes, helping the team and working many of the Woofers families to get the best out of their dogs.

Jess always knew that she wanted to work with animals; the only question was in which area. During her Animal Science degree at the University of Melbourne she developed an interest in animal behaviour and welfare. But it was her rescue dog Poppy that really helped crystallise this interest into a passion for working with these amazing animals.

Jess has continued to study the sciences and she is now specialising in canine behaviour science. She not only has nationally accredited qualifications, she has participated in countless courses and seminars with renowned trainers and behaviour specialists all over the country.

Jess and her partner David recently moved into their first home and take great enjoyment playing dog sports with their young Border Terrier Flynn in agility and nosework. (@Flynn_the_border_terrier)


Dog Trainer / Animal Handler Coordinator

Fran knew from a very young age that she wanted to work with animals. During her study of Animal Management in the U.K., she hoped to specialise in working with dogs, and after receiving her diploma, she went on to become a canine security officer. Her love for dogs grew even more.

Born in the U.K., Fran and her partner Tom moved to Australia in 2012 after their global travels led them to fantastic places around the world. In August 2016 they celebrated their wedding with friends and family and are now proud to call Australia home.

Fran joined the Woofers team in 2015 and has continued her study of canines. Recently she completed a Certificate III in Dog Training and Behaviour, and she is often an instructor at Woofers’ puppy school and group training classes.

Her bubbly personality warms everyone who meets Fran and the dogs adore her. And that’s what makes Fran the natural choice as the team leader for the Woofers Animal Handling Team.


Animal Handler

Chris finished school and took up an excellent opportunity to work in his field of interest, horticulture. He had a long and successful career in the industry, working in many varied roles and gaining lots of experience.

In 2012, Chris decided to switch his work to another field of interest, animals. He got a great job working with dogs as a leading hand in a dog daycare facility where he gained many hours of hands-on experience with dogs of all shapes and sizes.

Chris says he was lucky to land a job as an Animal Handler with Woofers World in 2016. But his colleagues at Woofers say they are the lucky ones. Chris loves walking, playing and hanging out with all his client’s lovely creatures during the day. He is currently studying Certificate III in Dog Training and Behavior with NDTF.

Chris and partner Tania, who is an excellent dog groomer, have two little rescue Papillion crosses; Coco and Gucci (no, they didn’t name them!). Rounding out the family is Cleo the cat and Bailey the rabbit.


Dog Trainer / Animal Handler

Federica, also known as “Feddy,” is a certified dog trainer and spends most of her day as Animal Handler with Woofers World. Her love and enthusiasm for her dogs, pets, and life, in general, is contagious, and she’s a joy to be around.

Federica’s background was initially in the Arts. She studied art in Italy and always used animals as the subjects in her sculptures and pieces. This interest and adoration for animals soon surpassed her love of art, and she began working with horses and then shelter dogs.

During her university studies, she supported a small kennel in her hometown. She took great pride in helping the less fortunate pets. “I wanted to give them happiness!” she says. So she did!

After moving to Australia 2013 with her partner Marco, she attended dog training school at NDTF while working at a dog daycare and kennel. As she says, “I followed the good vibes of this magic country, and I found my new family at Woofers World. It’s a great adventure!”


Dog Trainer / Animal Handler

Throughout Lisa’s professional career in Sales and Management, she always devoted a lot of time to animal rescue groups, including Animal Aid & Second Chance Animal Rescue.

During her “pre-animal” career, she undertook studies in Professional Dog Training, and after graduating from NDTF in 2017, Lisa moved from the corporate commute to follow her path in making pets happy all day, every day.

Lisa and her husband, Luke, recently bought their first home and spend a lot of time with their “special” child ARNOLD, a Jack Russell with a range of challenging behaviour traits.

Lisa’s passion is to educate people on how “to get the best possible relationship with their dogs, even if it’s difficult, and the dog might not be like other dogs” and if she had one wish, Lisa would want “to give ARNOLD the best possible life from here on out to make up for his shaky start”.


Animal Handler

Ever since Christy can remember she’s had an affinity for animals and the great outdoors.
After graduating from university with honours in Photography and Video, she ventured out of the UK spent years working in South East Asia, a diving instructor where she learned the importance of being a good teacher and guide.

After working in several animal-related roles in Australia and New, Zealand Christy returned to Melbourne, got married to her long term partner and now lives with Freya, and their lovely little SpoodleX called Puddles.

Christy is a wonderful, fun friendly member of the team always very bubbly and making the most of life. Apart from attending numerous dog training seminars, she is currently undertaking her dog training certification so that she can build on an already broad set of skills and “get the most” out of her time with the dogs and pets


Dog Trainer / Animal Handler

Luke is the go-to all-rounder within the Woofers animal handling team. His dog training experience and vast exposure to dogs from all walks of life make him invaluable to his colleagues and clients alike.

Having worked and volunteered at numerous dog rescue organisations, Luke has met and worked with more dogs than many of the world’s best dog trainers and his passion for animal welfare doesn’t just stop with dog training qualifications nor his day job.

In addition to his role as Animal Hander with Woofers Luke is also a Lead Assessor with The Lort Smith pet therapy program and a kennel caretaker. So it’s true to say he lives and breathes dogs and dog behaviour.

Luke and his partner live and grew up in Bayside and aside from a young son and another baby on the way they also have several “problem-children” that Luke dedicates a lot of effort to rehabilitate for re-adoption.

Not only does Luke immerse himself in dog training and handling during work hours, but he also spends a lot of his free time as a CFA volunteer and is often attending dog training seminars and short courses.


Animal Handler

Growing up with working dogs and animals on a livestock station in New Zealand, Caitlin has had more exposure to dogs and animals than some of the best dog trainers could have ever hoped for. This immersion in life with animals right from an early age naturally lead her to career in veterinary nurse and dog training.

While working at her local the vet clinic during her high school years, she realised that a career with animals, especially dogs, was her path in life.

Caitlin’s affinity with dog training and handling led her to take on a team of six working dogs, and she went to work in the New Zealand highlands as a professional shepherd not only training her dogs but working them all day every day. After four years of shepherding she migrated to Australia, leaving the love of her life, BINDI her black Labrador, at home with her parents so she could finish her vet studies in Melbourne.

Caitlin’s passions for challenges don’t just stop at animals, she’s also an avid marathon runner and is currently training to compete seriously in the New York marathon in 2021 after she finishes her certificate 3 in Dog Training and Behaviour at the NDTF.


Dog Trainer / Animal Handler

Throughout her formative years, Keeley spent a lot of time with animals of all shapes and sizes. Either working with dogs as a dog daycare attendant or as the keystone of her own dog and pet minding service she’s found that life is better with a pet.

Keeley’s passion and interest with animals weren’t satisfied with birds, guinea pigs, and cats, so she expanded her horizons to work with farm animals and volunteering with rescue elephants and street dogs in Asia.

“My first job as an Animal Attendant at Chesterfield Farm showed me the light and since then, I knew that dog training and conservation was the career path for me.”

Completing Diploma of Conservation and Land Management followed by a Certificate 3 in Dog Training and Behaviour, Keeley was well on her way to making her dreams a reality.

Keeley’s enthusiasm has been a big part of the Woofers outings & adventures, and she’s a familiar smiling face in the group classes and private dog training consultations.


Animal Handler

Jaala and her Insta-famous dog “JAX the Dobe” have been with Woofers since 2018 and are a familiar face around the Boroondara and Stonnington areas.

Ever since she was little, Jaala was surrounded by Dobermans. After reading her dad’s dog books as a pre-teen, she fell in love with the breed and the idea of working in animal welfare.

At the age of 12, she started pet sitting and with a friend and donated all her fees to RSPCA. During high school, she worked on a commercial farm and then later built a career in Sports and Recreation.

After running her own successful dog walking and pet sitting service Jaala joined the Woofers family and has been going from strength to strength with her technical dog training and will be graduating as a Certified Dog Trainer in 2020.


Dog Trainer

Ciara has always been an animal lover. A graduate of Zoology and then a Masters of Science in Conservation Biology lead her work at an animal shelter and as a zookeeper for over five years in Ireland.

After a successful career in Zoos and Wildlife parks as a presenter and primate keeper, Ciara furthered her profession and started protected contact training chimpanzees and orangutans.

“It was learning what motivates a chimpanzee to willingly present its body for vet inspections that sparked my interest in animal behaviour and training.”

Ciara and her partner Darren moved to Australia in April 2017, and she completed the NDTF Certificate III in Dog Training and Behaviour in May 2018. Ciara started with Woofers Dog Training not long after and continues to fosters and rehabilitates dogs through Project Underdog Rescue Group.

Not only a familiar and friendly face at the front of the puppy and obedience classes, but she’s also often seen attending many of the local and interstate dog training seminars and workshops.

Your Groom-Room Team


Senior Groomer


Senior Groomer


Piper spent her early childhood years growing up in the beautiful island of Taiwan and in 2017 was given a chance to leave her menagerie of pets at home and immigrate to “the lucky country”.

Piper has a gentle and professional animal handling style that began at an early age when she cared for a vast range of family pets including, chickens, rabbits, dogs, birds, fish and even a hedgehog.

After completing an undergraduate degree in Animal Husbandry in 2009, Piper worked as a Groomer’s Assistant, then Groomer and later completed her training and then worked as a Grooming Supervisor.

Although Piper was unable to bring her three dogs with her to Australia, she takes great joy and comfort in spending time with client’s dogs. Her calm animal handling skills and artistic ability help make her a fantastic groomer and great member of the Woofers Groom Room team.


Senior Groomer
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