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Puppy Visits

Woofers Puppy Visits can help calm the chaos and ensure your puppy is learning good habits that will last a lifetime.

Adopting and raising a puppy is one of the most exciting and rewarding things you’ll ever do. But it can also be one of the most overwhelming. So much energy, so much to learn, so much chewing and destruction.

The first 8–12 weeks after your puppy comes home is one of the most critical times in their life. That little puppy brain is soaking up everything like a sponge – both good and bad. The experiences they have during this early stage may stay with them for the rest of their lives. That’s why this is the perfect time to start training them, socialising them setting them up for life. However, it’s important to ease them into life as a new family member.

It’s important to ease them into their new life as a family member.

Woofers understands the importance of getting it right in the early days of a puppy’s life. We know it can be difficult for new owners to always find the time to train and teach, especially in the middle of the day.

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Prior to leaving your puppy alone, one of our career Animal Handlers or Dog Trainers will visit with you to discuss your pup’s needs and understand exactly what you want us to do during the visits.

Then when you’re at work or school and unable to attend to your puppy’s middle of the day demands we’ll visit them to reinforce good manners, toilet training and so much more.

We’ll spend quality time that’s personalised to your puppy.  We will feed, toilet, pat, nurture, and play training games just as you would. We’ll even clean up any accidents or send a text to let you know all’s well.

Help jumpstart toilet training with consistency.

No matter how busy your day is you’ll feel calm knowing that your new puppy is in good hands.  You’ll come home to a happy, healthy puppy without the issues associated with being left for too long too early.

  • Visits are scheduled between 11 and 1pm
  • 20 minutes of fun, play and cuddles
  • Casual bookings available
  • Customised to your needs
  • Socialisation and desensitising
  • Accident clean-ups
  • Obedience training games
  • Good habits reinforced

Don’t wait another moment to get your puppy started off on the right paw.

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Puppy Preschool Classes

Puppy Class starting this week

Bring out the best in your new family member

Enrolments now open for five week Puppy Pre-school Program. Certified trainers teacher comprehensive curriculum to help guide you through the early days of puppy parenting that are so critical to your dogs development and future.

Small group learning to help build confidence and resilience.

New: Saturday Socials – a meet up group for new puppies.

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