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Park Party

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More than a walk, it’s an adventure.

For the more intrepid dogs who love adventure, exploration and exercise, the Woofers Park Party gives them the excitement they crave – all under the watchful eye of a professional “guide”.

Similar structure to our ever popular Playgroup, the Park Party is full of fun and games but it’s an adventure that lasts 2.5 – 3 hours.

Ideal for those dogs who love to be out and about in more adventurous settings and have a higher drive that requires the best of the best.

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Your dog’s day out begins when we stop by your home to collect them. After being introduced to their doggie playmates, it’s off to the park, beach, creek or whatever canine nirvana is near you.

Park Party is full of fun and games and is a 2.5 – 3 hour round trip visiting the more venturous places.

Dogs are grouped according to temperament, location and energy levels.

Our goal is to maximise the fun so we like to mix things up and take our doggie adventurers to new locales so they get fresh experiences as often as possible.

Upon arrival, they can run, play, fetch, chase, play ball, swim, roll, scratch and sniff to their heart’s content. The extended playtime lets them create stronger bonds with their friends, burn off more energy, and stimulate their doggie brains to explore every inch of their environment.

A safe way to socialise and play.

Your dog’s experienced adventure guide (aka, trained Animal Handler) will monitor interactions, practice recall with them, watch the environment for any potential hazards while encouraging appropriate play.

Often, we’ll even post an action-packed picture of the day’s excitement on our Facebook page.

  • Includes pick up and drop off
  • 2.5 – 3hrs of exercise and play
  • Small groups 4-6 dogs
  • Poop-scoop of your yard available
  • Refresh water
  • Fully trained Animal Handler

No mess, no stress!

Our vans are fitted with water tanks and a pressure wash system so that we can provide clean fresh drinking water wherever we are. It also means that if they get smelly, salty, sandy, or all of the above, we can rinse the mud off before dropping them home.

We take your dog to the fun!

As with any of our visits with your pets, we’ll check their water, poop scoop if we see it, ensure they are safe, do a quick security check of your home and double check the gates behind us. We’ll even leave you a calling card so you know what time we were there and where we went for the day.

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Prefer a Private Outing?

For dogs who do better one-on-one or like to take things a little slower, private dog walks can be customised to their specific needs and preferences. Learn more