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Our Dog Training Philosophy

A commitment to quality of life from puppyhood to the golden years

Training isn’t just about getting a dog to do what you tell it to do. It’s about strengthening the bond between owner and dog so that they can live a happier, healthier life together and they feel good about doing the things you want them to do.

That’s why we take a comprehensive approach to training. As our General Manager, Jonathan Whitelaw, says, “Dog training is not an exercise you do with your dog… it’s everything you do with your dog.”


The Woofers World Difference

At Woofers, we look at the entire picture, including age, breed, temperament, physiology, diet, environment and ability. We then develop and implement a plan that addresses the underlying cause of an issue rather than the consequential result.  Once we’ve identified the cause, we take a two-pronged approach to solving the issue:

1. We set the dog up for success by altering the environment for controlled exposure and opportunity for favourable associations.

2. Implement humane and force free training methods, utilising peer reviewed and proven techniques such as desensitisation and counter conditioning to achieve the desired results.

These are the same methods and systems developed and used by world-renowned dog trainers, veterinary behaviourists and zoo keepers to help solve most of the common behavioural issues of many urban dogs as well as captive, wild and working animals.


Our Training Philosophy

To form a strong dog-owner relationship and create a long-term change in behaviour, it’s important to build a dog’s trust and confidence. The most effective way to do this is through the science-based approach of reinforcement, rewards and the appropriate withholding of rewards.

The concepts of “Alpha boss” and “dominance” are outdated dog training ideas that modern study has since debunked. There is simply no evidence to support, nor reason to use force or intimidation to achieve real, lasting results.

Using encouraging methods dogs will quickly learn new skills and behaviours because they are having fun and they desire the potential outcome; not because they are trying to avoid unfavourable outcomes. At the same time, clients will learn how to communicate with them in a way that build respect, rapport and understanding.  This concept helps a dog to strive and improve and it works no matter how tall or short or how big and strong the dogs or owners are.

Experienced. Professional. Trusted.

Our small training team comprises of full-time, nationally accredited and qualified dog trainers who have years of experience working with both dogs and humans. All trainers hold certifications from the Delta Institute or the National Dog Trainers Federation (Australia) as well as Vocational Education certificates in Training and Assessment.  Our specialised teams focus on a range of complex issues including:

• Maternity and dogs
• Anxiety
• Overexcitement
• Aggression (fear, prey or predator)
• Desensitisation
• Destruction (boredom & frustration)
• Capturing and shaping (click-for-tricks)


With hundreds of hours of study and hands-on experience, our trainers know how to read and interpret dog body language. The specialised trainer will assess the dog and the situation on a case-by-case basis, and devise a training plan specifically for that dog.

There is no one-size-fits-all solution here.

Because of these caring, knowledgeable and experienced staff, the community has come to trust in our professionalism and proven results. We encourage anyone to call to discuss dog training needs or read our client testimonials and reviews on our Facebook page.

Making training accessible, affordable and fun for all.

We believe everyone should have access to quality, professional training for their dog, no matter their budget, lifestyle, needs or time constraints. So over the years, we have developed programs and curriculums that make training effective, affordable and fun.

• Group classes available for puppies and adult dogs
• Private training options for complex issues
• The use of reward-based training methods
• Customised plans for behaviour improvement
• Discounts available on repeat coaching sessions
• Family training sessions
• Safe, secure indoor facility
• Affordable price structure to suit any budget
• Every dog is treated as the unique and individual



We’re proud of what we do and welcome an opportunity to show you how the Woofers approach to training can make a real difference in the lives of you and your dog.

Call Woofers HQ directly on 1300 269 969 or send us a message through the contact form at the bottom of this page. We look forward to hearing from you.

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Fairness and consistency to build strong relationships with the goal of long-term behaviour change.

Quality education with continued professional development and peer reviewed, science-based curriculums.

Dog training is not just an exercise you do with your dog, it’s everything you do with your dog.

Woofers World; big enough to be good, small enough to be great.

Great relationships are built on respect, understanding, fairness and consistency.

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