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Pet Care Boroondara City

Woofer’s World: Professional Pet Care Boroondara City

Welcome to Woofer’s World Boroondara City! We’re passionate about providing exceptional pet care services to the furry friends and their human companions in our community. Whether you need a dog walker, doggy daycare for your playful pup, or a reliable pet sitter for your upcoming trip, our dedicated team is here to help.

Our Services for Boroondara City:

Dog Walking Boroondara City: Our experienced and caring dog walkers in Boroondara City will take your canine companion on personalised walks tailored to their individual needs and temperament. Enjoy scenic walks through Boroondara Park or Gardiners Creek Reserve, while your dog gets the exercise and fresh air they crave.

Doggy Daycare Boroondara City: Does your dog get cabin fever when you’re away? Our stimulating doggy day care offers a safe and fun environment for your dog to play with other furry friends, supervised by our caring staff. They’ll come home happy and exhausted from a day of playtime and socialisation.

Playgroups Boroondara City: Social butterflies rejoice! Our playgroups provide a safe and stimulating environment for dogs to play, socialise, and make new friends. We group dogs by size and temperament to ensure a positive and enjoyable experience for all.

Private Walks Boroondara City: For dogs who require special attention or prefer one-on-one time with a walker, we offer private walks in the Boroondara City area. Our experienced walkers will cater to your dog’s specific needs and ensure they have a relaxing and enjoyable walk.

Puppy Visits Boroondara City: New puppy parents in Boroondara City, we understand the challenges of caring for your little furball. Our puppy visit services provide potty breaks, feeding, playtime, and gentle training throughout the day, giving you peace of mind while you’re away.

Pet Sitting Boroondara City: Planning a trip or a night out? Our reliable pet sitters in Boroondara City will provide loving in-home care for your pet, including feeding, walks, playtime, and cuddles. We’ll ensure your furry friend feels safe and comfortable while you’re away.

Dog Training Boroondara City: Looking to address unwanted behaviours or teach your dog new commands? Our qualified trainers in Boroondara City can help! We offer personalised training programmes tailored to your dog’s needs and age, using positive reinforcement techniques.

Pet Pampering Boroondara City: Treat your pooch to a spa day! We offer a variety of grooming services at select locations in Boroondara City, including baths, brushing, nail trimming, and ear cleaning. Your dog will look and feel their best after a pampering session with our groomers.


Dog Care Services

Why Choose Woofer’s World:

At Woofer’s World , we go the extra mile to ensure your pet’s happiness and well-being. Here’s what sets us apart:

Experienced and Caring Staff: Our team is comprised of passionate animal lovers with extensive experience caring for dogs of all breeds and ages.

Personalised Care: We tailor our services to your pet’s individual needs and temperament.

Flexible Scheduling: We offer flexible scheduling to accommodate your busy lifestyle.
Safe and Loving Environment: Whether your dog is at doggy daycare, enjoying a walk, or receiving a grooming service, their safety and comfort are our top priorities.

Ready to give your furry friend the gift of Woofer’s World? Contact our HQ for all your Pet Services for Boroondara City or request grooming service online to book a free consultation or schedule your pet’s first service today! Don’t wait! Schedule your pet’s free consultation today and see why Woofer’s World is the paw-fect choice for all your pet care needs!

Contact us 

Call 1300 269 969
Or +61 3 9502 7608
After hours:  +61 424 376 950
Email: admin@woofersworld.com.au
Postal: 659 North Road, Ormond, Victoria 3204

Map of our Service Area

Location of our Headquarters – aka Woofers HQ (Office, Salon and Daycare)

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