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Woofers has found a small silver lining during the difficult time the pandemic has caused and we wanted you to be one of the first to know about it!

The long-awaited Sniffari is happening and you are the first to know about it.


Adventure Days are small group out-of-town excursions for your dogs to enjoy some exhilarating rural locations.


Do you need a bit of alone time in your new home office? Does your new furry colleague keep trying to get you to take a lunch break every hour? Don’t worry, The Woofers Sniffari Adventure Days are finally here!



What is a Sniffari?

It is a full-day outing suitable for healthy, intrepid, social animals that can handle the best dog-day-out available.


Pick up between 9 and 10 am and then the bus heads straight to a local park for a quick scratch and sniff (toilet and stretch).


The group’s dedicated and professional Animal Handlers will journey to the first of two predetermined dog-friendly locations. (State forests, country trails or farmsteads). The outing will likely be a mix of on and off-leash and generally involves and bushwalk through the scrub and along bush tracks.


Once returning to the bus, the Handler serves refreshments (such as bully stick, moo-tube, cow ear or chicken skewers) while the crew catches their breath and chills in the shade.


After the brief break and a short drive, the gang’s second location will most likely be at a country swimming hole where the kids can cool off in a freshwater creek, farm dam or salty sandy beach.


The modern Woofers dog buses are fitted with 100lt water tanks and pressure pumps so rinsing the dogs before the trip home is easy. We’ll even towel dry and spritz if they get smelly.


Once back in town, generally between 2.30 and 3 pm, the water bowls are refreshed and the dogs get dropped home feeling great and exhausted both physically and mentally.


After a quick clean of the bus, the Handler then sends updates to each of the parents with all the days’ highlights including the day’s route via live tracking GPS and your dogs step counter.


Do you have a pet-friendly country location that you’d like to recommend?

Our dog trainers and animal handlers have scouted some unique and exciting dog-friendly destinations within one hour of Melbourne. All Sniffari locations, such as beaches, parks, creeks, state forests, farms will be published in advance however if the need arises we may need to alter the destination for obvious safety, weather issues or if the fun-factor isn’t suitable to the group.

If you know of somewhere that’s totally fun and pet friendly then send us some pics or a map and we’ll scout it out.


Is my dog eligible for the Adventure Days?

Due to the intensity of the outings and the remoteness of the locations, the Sniffari Adventure Days may not be suitable for every dog. Your dog must have exceptional recall, a nice loose leash walk, be fit and friendly and already be a regular Woofers Playgroup participant.


Coronavirus / COVID-19

Sniffari is the ultimate in social, distant outings.

What was previously known as “Best Practices” has now become Woofers’ “normal practices”. Rest assured, keeping your household, your pets and our team safe is our number one priority. Read more about our current COVID-19 protocols.


  • If any member of your house experience flu-like symptoms pelase notify us imediately.

If you have any questions, or when you’re ready to book, please email or call 1300 269 969.


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